the outline

the outline
the outline

what is your name?

The Outline

how would you describe what you do?
We try to create the best music we possibly we can

what are you currently working on?
A new album titled “Who You Love” produced by Michael Shuman (Queens of the Stone Age, Mini Mansions)

what has had the greatest influence on your work?
Our heroes – and the desire to create something half as good as they’ve created. I mean, ideally as good or better, but here’s to modesty.

what is the greatest misconception about you or your work?

We were lumped into the pop-punk Alternative Press world for a long time, and in no way knocking that genre, I don’t feel that’s ever been our sound, and certainly not the sound of what we do now. We just want people to listen with open ears – we’re really proud of this new batch of tunes.

what do you see as the main strengths and weaknesses of the medium you work in?
there’s nothing we’d rather be doing than making music, but it’s certainly a difficult world to navigate and get ahead in.

how has technology impacted upon the work you do?

we <3 drum machines. and computers. and the ability to make things sound great in our own bedrooms.

what’s the greatest piece of advice you would like to pass on?

don’t wear loafers in the showers. ya know, blisters.

where can we find you online?

what are you reading at the moment?

This interview

what are you listening to at the moment?

Jingle Cats

anything else we should know?

Mighty Ducks is a classic film.

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